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The magazine “Healthcare of Tajikistan” is scientific information medical publishing house, established in 1933. “Health care of Tajikistan” press publishing materials on Russian and English languages.

During the years of magazines’ existence, “Health care of Tajikistan” became popular in Republic of Tajikistan among medical practitioners, scientific workers, teachers and etc. The magazine vocation is to combine the scientific – practical information on all aspects of medicine. The considerable part of magazines articles devoted to analysis of difficult and unusual clinical causes, and is the area, which united interests of different kinds of physicians.

Since its foundation, magazine united all knowledges and approaches of different specialists of all medicine area.

The main purposes of press are:

  • to give medical information;
  • to describe advances and popularization of successful experience of  states medicine;
  • development of collaboration with local, regional, and international medical organizations;
  • popularization of healthy life-style;
  • assistance in development for civil society, elevation of medical and information enlightenment among population;
  • restoration stable relationships with different organizations and publisher houses, which to work on different problems of medicine;
  • Collaboration with publisher houses of another creative unions, journalists organizations, in the network national standards of publisher field, establishment relationship with domestic and foreign publisher houses.


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