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The publishing house of journal “Health care of Tajikistan” was registered in 1933. Over a period of time between 1933-2015 years was published 737 journals issues. During this time we collaborated with prominent specialists of different areas of medicine, among them Foreign member of Russian Medical sciences academy (1), academic of Academy of Medical Sciences of Department of Health and Social Development people of Republic of Tajikistan (1), academic of Academy of Sciences RT (2), academic of Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences Russian Federation (2),member-correspondents of Academy of Medical Sciences of  Department of  Health and Social Development people of Republic of Tajikistan (4), member-correspondents of  Academy of Sciences RT (2), doctors of medical sciences -14, candidate of medical science -1, and key medical universities, Sciences investigations institutes and medical sciences societies. We creating conditions for maximal contact with specialists from all regions of Republic of Tajikistan, including remote regions, for publishing in our journal. All articles be seriously under review, before publishing. Only that articles admitted for publishing, which satisfy the rules of requirements, reviewing and publishing, that confirmed by redaction journals soviet. The publishing house followed initsactivity by recommendations of VAK RF. All published in journal materials, after publishing in journal, and placed in open access on site of journal and international dates bases, so as

The complex of traditional and innovation tendentious in publishing activity – the basic principle of our publishing house.


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