The rules of submitting, review and publication of scientific articles in the magazine “Healthcare of Tajikistan”

1.The rulesofsubmitting                                                                      

1.1. Scientificmagazine “HealthcareofTajikistan” hasa thematic orientation and publishes scientific articles, scientific reviews, case studies in Russian language, concerning the problems of healthcare and medicine in general.

1.2. The magazine publishes materials that meet the criteria of high scientific quality: actuality of the topic and scientific novelty of research, originality of the research problem and used methods of the study, the high scientific significance of the conclusions.

1.3. All authors have equal chances to be published – regardless of their place of residence, nationality, and the presence of a degree. The magazine publishes materials that previously were not published and not intended for simultaneous publication in other editions. By sending an article the author guarantees that submitted material is original, and that to the end of the consideration the defined material will not be sent for publication in other editions to third parties.

1.4. Articles are published in the magazine based on the review. Authors submit registered and completed article to the editorial office, from where it will be sent to the specialists with a degree in this scientific direction, whos name and surname are unknown to the author. The specialist who is reviewing the article cannot be its author (co-author), as well as cannot be the scientific leader of the author (s).

  1. The rules of review

2.1. The publication provides reviews of all incoming to the editor materials  corresponding to its category, in order to  peer review. All reviewers are recognized specialists on the subject of reviewed materials and have during the last 3 years publications on the subject of peer-reviewed articles. Reviews are stored in the publishing office and editorial office during 5 years.

2.2. The review of all incoming materials for consideration is carried out by the members of the Editorial Board – specialists in the subject of peer-reviewed material. The review carried out by the double-blind reviewing – the reviewer does not know the name of the author, the author does not know the name of the reviewer. Any other reviews are not accepted!

2.3. To the decision whether the material will be published in the magazine “Healthcare of Tajikistan” great influence plays the quality of article, its interest to the readers. A number of procedures, inspections requires in order the material be published, in view of what, requirements of the authors to  publicate the materials as soon as possible will  not be considered by editorial staff.

2.4. Footnotes to their own Proceedings in the work made by the author for the purpose of artificial increase of its impact factor, may be the reason for rejection of the article. The author can be published in the same issue, only one his material.

2.5. All incoming materials before submitting for review, are checked on presence of plagiarism, actuality, relevance to scientific theme of the magazine.

2.6. Members of the Editorial Board review an article in a fixed period. By results of reviewing the chief editor and the members of the Editorial Board decide whether or not to print the material. In cases of dispute, the article moves on additional reviews to the specialist in this theme.

2.7. Editorial office forwards to the authors of submitted materials copies of reviews or reasoned rejection, and also undertakes to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation at admission to the editorial office publication of relevant request.

  1. Article writing rules

3.1. The size of the original article, including tables, figures, references and summary should not exceed 8 pages, chronicles – 2-3, reviews – 3-4 pages.

3.2. The text should be typed on a computer: the font Word, ordinary mark, size 12, spacing – 1.5.

3.3. To the editorial board has to be submitted 2 copies of the article, necessary to have the material in electronic version.

3.4. The article is accompanied by official letter from the institution where the work was performed; it must have the visa and signature of the head, attested by round seal. If it is the article of dissertation, it should be emphasized while submitting.

3.5. The output of the article shall contain: title, author’s surname and initials, the name of the institution in which it was done, the town; for the foreign authors – city and country.

3.6. Original article includes the following sections: introduction, aim of the study, material and methods, results of investigation and discussion, conclusion (conclusions). Research methods must be described clear and detailed. Presentation of the material should be clear, concise.

3.7. The article must be carefully checked: chemical formulas, tables, dosage and citations signed by the author in the fields. In the article should be used SI system of units. Abbreviations, except common, are not allowed. A footnote indicates the source of quotes: name, place of publication, year, volume, edition, page.

3.8. The number of graphical material should not exceed 3-4. Photos should be provided contrasting, pictures – clear, figure captions are required and positioned on the same page with a picture. On the back of each figure should be placed its number and name of the first author of the article. Top and bottom of the picture should be marked. Graphs and charts should not be overwhelmed by text labels.

3.9. Tables should be compact and printed on a separate page, to have a name and number. Cap of tables must comply with the content of the graph.

3.10. The place where the text reference is made to the figure or table is marked in the left margins.

3.11. References of the original article include no more than 16, and the problem – 40 titles, in alphabetical order: first – in Russian, and then – in foreign languages. For the correctness of the material provided are responsible only the authors.

3.12. Summary is attached on a separate sheet no larger than ½ page in Tajik, Russian and English languages and contains a summary of the work. In summary, you must specify the name of the article, initials and surnames of the authors, institutions in which the work was performed. Hereshould be printed UDC andkeywords.

3.13. The article should be signed by all authors. Is required to specify information about each author: last name, first name and patronymic (in full), academic degree, title, postal and electronic address, telephone number.

3.14. All articles submitted to the editorial board, will be directed to the specialists for review.

3.15. The article accepted for publication, is fully tested at the stage of scientific editing. The editors reserve the right to shorten articles and publish them in the form of short messages.

3.16. The submitting to the editors of works published in other publications, is not permitted.

3.17. Articles written not in accordance with these rules, as well as manuscripts not accepted for publication, will not be returned to the authors.

3.18. Articles should be sent to the following address: 734067, Republic of Tajikistan Dushanbe Str. Dehoti, 48. The editors of the magazine «Здравоохранение Таджикистана» «Нигаҳдории Тандурустии Тоҷикистон» «Health care of Tajikistan».

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